NEW Renegade Pastors Network – Are you a Renegade? I am!

I am blown away by the tens of thousands of pastors we get the opportunity to help each month through Church Leader Insights.

And I also realize that “to whom much is given, much is expected,” so I’m always looking for more and better ways to help pastors and church leaders like you pursue their calling.

To that end, this week I’m rolling out something BRAND NEW…

I’m excited to introduce THE RENEGADE PASTORS NETWORK!

The Renegade Pastors Network is a dream that I’ve harbored since I first started resourcing and coaching pastors in 2004. This network is the dream I had when I wrote my first book, offered my first seminar online and graduated my first coaching alumni.

Now, with over 1,000 coaching alumni, 100+ church growth resources and 150,000+ books in print, its time to go to the next level. I envision a network where we not only learn together but that we do life and ministry together.

For years I’ve taught, if you want to grow a church and lead a healthy life as a pastor (and you can do both!), just look at what the average minister does and do the exact opposite. A renegade pastor is not someone who ‘cuts against the grain’ for the sake of being different.

A renegade is someone who chooses the narrow way because it’s the Jesus way… the way of life, health and growth. A renegade pastor is someone who stands in the tradition of Peter, Paul, James, Augustine, William Carey, C.S. Lewis, Charles Spurgeon, Billy Sunday and those like them who were discontent with average.

This is a network for pastors who are willing to say “I don’t fit in with the crowd” and I’m more concerned with fulfilling my calling from God than being considered cool, clever or cutting edge.

If you want to join me on a journey like none other, than join me in the Renegade Pastors Network!

This network is about a lifestyle that honors God, advances the Kingdom and models Biblical priorities.

Are you ready to be a founding member of The Renegade Pastors Network?

You can join right now at this link:

(Note: upon joining, you’ll receive an email confirmation and then all the benefits – like your online membership site – will be available within the next few days. You’ll be first in line!)

I hope you’ll join me in seeking God’s best in our ministries, churches, families and more!

Your Partner in Ministry,


P.S. OK, you may still have some questions – I know this network is new. Here are a few more thoughts:

The Renegade Pastors Network is a monthly membership network that offers benefits similar to a regular coaching network for LESS THAN ONE-THIRD the investment. I can only do so many of my focused Senior Pastor Tele-Coaching Networks so I’ve been looking for a way to continue to invest in alumni between networks or to invest in those not yet ready for a full network.

We’ll meet regularly by phone (the Monthly Renegade Pastors Briefing is at the heart of this network), I’ll share the latest learnings, books and resources with you. You’ll receive an on-going discount or free passes to my materials and events. And much more.

The Renegade Pastors network is a monthly on-going commitment that you can cancel at anytime, but I doubt you’ll ever want to leave because of all this network will offer.

In fact, here’s a breakdown of all that you receive as long as you are a member of The Renegade Pastors Network:

1) The Renegade Pastors LIVE MONTHLY UPDATE AND LEADERSHIP BRIEFING. At the heart of the network is a monthly update and briefing from me via LIVE Conference Call. This monthly “pastor to pastor” call (which will be recorded on MP3 for your library) will be personal, practical, packed with content and slightly irreverent (but in a good way) training where I will challenge you, enlighten you, equip you and guide you to maximize your next season of ministry.

With the Renegade Pastors Monthly Update and Briefing, you’ll always be one step ahead in your planning and fully inspired and equipped to stay the course of the renegade lifestyle. ($199.00 per month value)

>> NOTE: The First Briefing is ONE WEEK away, Tuesday, March 13 at 2:00pm Eastern Time. Hurry and join today!

2) Monthly Equipping Interview/Conference Call – with me, one of my mentors, a noted author or ministry leader. Listen LIVE and receive an MP3 recording ($195.00 per month value)

3) Private Call-In-Hours where you can talk directly to me ($295.00 per month value) 

4) RESTRICTED ACCESS Online Membership Site/Blog/Resources ($99.00 per month value). You’ll have instant access to all your Renegade Pastor benefits, documents, recordings, etc. in your online Renegade Pastors hub.

5) Continually Updated RENEGADE PASTORS RESOURCE DOCUMENTS AND DIRECTORY ($399.00 per month value). If there’s a document that we use at The Journey or that is shared by someone else in the network (and I think its helpful) I’ll share it with you.

6) Members-Only 30% DISCOUNT on all Church Leader Insights Resources ($245.00 value)

7) FREE Webinar Access to all Church Leader Insights Webinars ($197.00 per month value)

8 ) NETWORK ONLY rates on Coaching Networks and Advanced Coaching Networks ($141.00 per month value). As a member of the Renegade Pastor Network, you’ll be able to enter a future Senior Pastor Telecoaching Network or put a staff member through one of our other networks at the lowest possible rate.

9) Lowest Event Registration for all Church Leader Insights Events ($100.00 per month value) including upcoming Renegade Pastors Conferences and Church Systems Bootcamps.

10) $595.00 SHOPPING SPREE Gift Certificate upon completion of your sixth month in the Network ($99.00 per month Value)

11) $695.00 in FREE Resources when you join today! ($695.00 value). These resources will be waiting for you in your Renegade Pastors Network Online Hub within hours after you join. AVAILABLE ONLY TO THE FIRST 100 TO JOIN – as an alumni you are getting advanced notice.

Total value of resources and training you receive in this network exceed $2667.00 per month.

But the network is far more than just the resources you receive. The focus this network provides for your ministry and the ideas and insights in your life are simply priceless.

Are you ready to be a founding member of The Renegade Pastors Network?

You can join right now at this link:

** Yes Nelson, let me in NOW. I’m ready to join the Renegade Pastors Network for “Founders Only” rate of just $99 per month – that’s less than ONE THIRD the monthly investment of a regular coaching network but hurry, this founders status won’t last long **

I invite you to prayerfully consider joining me in this new network – if nothing else, give it a try for few months and see if I can deliver – ha!

Posted On: March 06, 2012
Posted as: Coaching

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