Why Should Your Church do a Tithe Challenge?

Tithe-Challenge-web-icon3I think this is a worthy question, “Why do a tithe challenge?”

I could give you a list of probably 20 reasons, but here are my top five reasons: 

1) It grows the people in your church. It disciples the people in your church.  It grows them closer to God.  It grows them more like Christ.  The tithe challenge, even though we think of it as a stewardship or financial campaign, is really about discipleship.

2) It cultivates new givers.   There are 5 types of givers in each church – extravagant givers, obedient givers, regular givers, initial givers, and non-givers.  The tithe challenge helps cultivate new givers out of the non-givers.

3) It moves current givers to become full tithers.    In the same way that the Tithe Challenge moves non-givers to new givers, it also progresses initial givers to regular givers, and regular givers to obedient givers, etc.

4) It brings in men.  I think most of us know intuitively that it’s often the ladies who are more willing to give.  A tithe challenge brings balance to the male to female ratio of giving, can bring harmony in the home where a female wants to give but the male doesn’t and vice versa.

5) It forces YOU to grow.  It forces you to learn, to develop new skills, and get out of your comfort zone.  If you’re going to grow, you have to try something new.  The tithe challenge gives you something new to implement.  And as you grow, so grows the church.

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