Celebrating an amazing Easter! Now what?

Easter Sunday is always such an amazing day. I hope you had as wonderful of an Easter service as The Journey did in all of our locations. God truly blessed us with so many gifts. The gifts are the people that walked through our doors for the first time yesterday.

Now we get to show our faithfulness by following up with every first time gift (I mean guest!).

In this Blog, there is not enough room to take you into all that we do at The Journey to follow-up with our first-time guests. But I can outline the process to encourage you to take next steps in improving your follow up.

Here is what we are doing in all of our locations today:


• 36-Hour Email Response – By this Tuesday, each and every one of our first-time guests should receive an email that (1) thanks them for attending our Easter service and (2) invites them back to our church.

• 96-Hour “Snail Mail” Response – By Thursday afternoon, every guest who provided us with a mailing address receives a personal, handwritten note and a small gift to “wow” them. This will be anything from a Subway card, to a Starbucks gift card to a $5 gas card depending on the location – just something to show God’s love in a practical, unexpected way. We will also include a postcard about the series we kicked off on Easter.

• One-Month Follow-Up Letter – While the initial goal is to get our Easter guests locked in for the current series, sometimes even people with great intentions simply don’t make it back after Easter. Just because we haven’t heard from them in a month doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in returning. So, for these guys, we use the One Month Follow-Up letter to remind them of their experience with our church, we give them a little more information and invite them back one last time.

As you use these tips be sure to pray for each guest that God has given you.

Your Partner in Ministry,


PS – For more details on how we follow-up at The Journey, be sure and check out my Assimilation Seminar which includes all the next steps in the system to see someone move from a first time guest to a member.

Click to Learn More and Download the Assimilation System.

Posted On: April 21, 2014
Posted as: AssimilationCoaching

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