How Healthy is Your Church?
FREE E-book - 8 Systems to Save You Stress, Time, Energy and Money

How Healthy is Your Church? FREE E-book - 8 Systems to Save You Stress, Time, Energy and Money In this Revised and Expanded E-Book, you will discover:

  • How healthy church systems honor God and grow your church

  • The 8 systems of a church (and the vital role that each system plays)

  • How to calculate your Assimilation rate and how well you are doing currently to keep first-time guests

  • How to distinguish system problems from people problems (and why your people may not be the problem)

  • The 4 stewardship commitments of a successful pastor’s financial life

  • How well designed systems Save You Stress, Time, Energy and Money

  • The relationship between good systems and good people (and how to maximize your effectivenessthrough each)

  • How far church systems can take your church (and what systems can't do)

  • And more!
By Nelson Searcy,
Senior Pastor of The Journey Church
Founder of Church Leader Insights

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