By Nelson Searcy
Nelson Searcy,
Senior Pastor of The Journey Church
Founder of Church Leader Insights

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God designed all the parts of the body - both the church body and the physical body - to work together and function best through well-developed systems. A healthy church depends on eight systems operating at maximum performance. In fact, a well-designed S.Y.S.T.E.M. can Save You Stress, Time, Energy and Money.

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McGavran Monday: Goal Setting

In honor of Dr. Gary McIntosh’s new biography of Donald McGavran, here’s today’s Monday moment: “Nothing focuses effort like setting a goal. As Christians seek to do effective evangelism, they need to set membership goals. Goal setting focuses their efforts on the main task..” - Donald McGavran Secure your copy of the book at 40% […]

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Why Average is Dangerous - and How to Move from Mediocrity to Meaning in Your Life and Ministry!

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BRAND NEW: Shepherding Your Staff

BRAND NEW: Shepherding Your Staff

If you oversee staff or volunteers — whether you are the Senior Pastor, Executive Pastor, Worship Pastor, Minister of Volunteers or whatever title you might carry — you owe it to the staff and volunteers you serve to pick up this resource. Listen to it. Devour it. Or, just get one or two little ideas (they may be little but they are powerful) that will help you be a better pastor.

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