6 Reasons Why People Leave Your Church (Half Off Labor Day Sale)

This Sunday you will probably face an issue that weighs heavily on all us as pastors – empty chairs and the frustration of seeing people who were there last week not return this week.

It hurts to even talk about someone leaving the church we lead. When it happens, we don’t know what to do and what to not do. We’re often left wondering if we did something wrong or if there was something we could have done differently.

The good news is there IS something you can do about it this week! 

Every pastor wrestles with this pain. You are not alone and you can take action to keep half or even more of those who would otherwise leave.

For over two decades now, I’ve been dealing with the personal pain of people leaving, the spiritual consequences of people leaving and the “failure feelings” that come when someone leaves.

And now I’ve distilled all I’ve learned in a three-hour resource called “WHY PEOPLE LEAVE YOUR CHURCH AND WHAT YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT” – and I’d like to give it to you this Labor Day Weekend for 50% OFF Today thru Tuesday, Sept. 2nd. Plus, I’ve added in a few FREE bonuses.

See, a while back I started to humbly ask myself, ask our leaders and ask God, “Why are people leaving?”

And what I discovered amazed me.

I learned that about 95% of the time, people leave for SIX MAJOR reasons.

That was good news to me. I can identify and deal with six reasons (not six hundred or six thousand – six seems a lot more manageable).

I began to teach these 6 reasons to the 2,000+ pastors that I’ve coached and found over and over again that these reasons were behind 95% of the ‘losses’ in their church too.

But then I took it a step further, I asked: What can I do about it?

With God’s help and insight, I discovered that there were practical steps I could take to either prevent people from leaving before they walked out the door or steps I could take to keep the door open for their return.

And now I want to share these lessons with you by giving you “Why People Leave Your Church and What You Can Do About It” for Only $49 (HALF OFF) – Today through Tuesday!

In this three-hour resource, I describe in detail the six major reasons people leave. And then I show you SIX BIBLICAL ACTIONS YOU CAN TAKE to either keep people from leaving in the first place or make sure the door remains open for their return.

Click Here to Pick Up “Why People Leave Your Church” for Only $49 (reg. $99.95) – PLUS Get Over $1,095.05 in Bonus Resources – thru Tuesday ONLY!

I don’t want you to miss this opportunity for us to partner together for the health and growth of God’s kingdom.

Your partner in ministry,


P.S. – I want to help you take action to keep half or even more of those who would otherwise leave this Sunday.

Don’t delay! This HALF OFF offer will expire Tuesday!

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Posted On: August 29, 2014
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8 Warning Signs Your Marketing May Be Missing Something

If you believe in the power of evangelism, then you believe in the power of effective marketing!

After 25 years of pastoring and coaching, I’ve learned that marketing and ministry DO go together – and it’s an essential part of fulfilling your mission.

But if you’re not sure if your marketing is good or bad, here are 8 warning signs that your church marketing may missing something:

You’re investing but:

1. You’re not seeing an increase in your weekly attendance.

2. Your membership classes are getting smaller and smaller.

3. You’re not hitting your outreach goals – even for big days like Easter and Mother’s Day.

4. You don’t have a marketing plan for those big days.

5. You’re not seeing an increase in first-time guests.

6. You frequently hear from your current members – “I didn’t know about that.”

7. All, or the majority, of your marketing investment is in one media type.

8. You don’t currently know what’s working and what’s not.

It’s easy to do marketing badly. Which is why you need proven, practical solutions that will help you carry out your mission – and accelerate results!

pimgIt’s time to leap forward in your marketing and evangelism efforts - and exponentially reach more people in your community! I invite you join me for a brand new VIP event, the Two-Day Church Marketing Workshop, October 23-24 in Walt Disney World, Orlando.

Here I will share with you ALL the marketing tips, strategies and tactics I’ve discovered and applied from 25 years in ministry and coaching across the country!

And right now you can save $300.00 if you secure your spot with the Super Early Bird rate – click here to register now! 

Once understood and applied, marketing can mean the difference between filling your church to share the Gospel – and speaking to a half-empty room.

Don’t miss your opportunity to learn everything you need to know to jump-start your evangelism efforts and grow your ministry in new and exciting ways – through the power of effective marketing!

Your partner in ministry,


P.S. Seats are filling up quickly, so don’t wait to secure your spot for the brand new Two-Day Church Marketing Workshop, October 23-24 in Walt Disney World, Orlando! Don’t miss your opportunity to LEAP forward and reach more people in your community through effective marketing!

Register Now for my first-ever Two-Day Church Marketing Workshop and Save $300.00! Super Early Bird Rate Ends September 18th!

Posted On: August 27, 2014
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Call Out Your Congregation – Let’s Do a Tithe Challenge

Tithe-Challenge-web-icon3By now someone in your church has been called out to take the Ice Bucket Challenge.

But what if you could challenge your congregation spiritually?

While it doesn’t involve dumping icy cold water on people, it does require your church to get out of their comfort zone and further impact the Kingdom.

Challenge your people to tithe – just for 90 days and see what God will do in their lives. This is an important spiritual challenge with a profound impact – which is why I’ve put together a complete tool kit for you – one based on a proven process developed over the years . . .

Early on as a pastor at The Journey in New York City, I laid out a challenge to our still developing congregation. All in all, we ended up with just over 400 families committed to our four-month tithe challenge!

Your congregation is waiting for the same challenge. (And you have an opportunity today to help them…)

Just what is a Tithe Challenge? A Tithe Challenge is a set period of time where you challenge the people in your church to bring the full tithe to God during that period of time. A Tithe Challenge is what I gave my congregation that day – and that 400 families accepted. Since that time I have developed and used this proven system with hundreds of churches across North America and outside the U.S. from Africa to New Zealand.

This comprehensive resource, How to Conduct a Tithe Challenge, will guide you step by step to lead your people on a four-month spiritual journey in stewardship. You will discover:

  • How to double the number of tithers in your church
  • The nuts and bolts of implementing a successful tithe challenge
  • How to increase the obedience level of your congregation
  • How to conduct each stage of a Tithe Challenge – from preparation to communication to follow-up
  • What timeframe works best for a successful challenge
  • How to implement the challenge from the stage and through small groups
  • How a Tithe Challenge impacts every one of the 8 systems of a healthy church
  • How to measure the success of your Tithe Challenge
  • And much more!

I will caution you that this is NOT a fundraising campaign! This is a spiritual growth campaign. In this kit, I will show you that stewardship is discipleship. You will challenge your people to grow in their faith by trusting God with their finances. Your offerings WILL increase, but the ultimate goal is for people to increase in their faith!

Your partner in ministry,


P.S. - After Friday, August 29th, my proven resource How to Conduct a Tithe Challenge will be listed in the store for $599.95. THIS WEEK ONLY you can save over 89%: You will get the new Tithe Challenge resource – plus over $1,210.20 in bonus resources and free coaching – for just $199.00!  Click here to step up your stewardship with the complete Tithe Challenge Kit and get FIVE resources – plus TWO FREE MONTHS of the Renegade Pastors Network – for only $199.00! Available TODAY thru FRIDAY, AUGUST 29 ONLY!

Posted On: August 26, 2014
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How Souls are Won – A Saturday Quote


“Let eloquence be flung to the dogs rather than souls be lost. What we want is to win souls. They are not won by flowery speeches.”
- Charles H. Spurgeon

Posted On: August 23, 2014
Posted as: Evangelism

Q&A: The 5:100 ratio – A powerful evangelism measurement tool

kerrick_bioThis is Kerrick Thomas – and for the last 12 years I’ve served alongside of Nelson Searcy as Executive Pastor of The Journey Church.  I’m guest blogging today and wanted to share a question I received from a Ministry Director from Dover, Ohio.

Q: “I follow you quite a bit. I’ve read Activate and Fusion. Both great books! Thanks for all the information you have shared.

I have a quick question related to your 5:100 ratio with new people to congregation size. Is that 5 individuals or 5 family units? I’m trying to push our church to identify a number related to how many new people we should expect per week. We are a church of 4,000.”

A: It’s exciting to hear how your church is growing and reaching people! You’re correct there is an important ratio that measures the evangelical temperature of your church. This ratio is 5:100. The goal is to have at least 5 first time guests for every 100 regular attenders you have. At The Journey Church we measure it week to week off of the Sunday service attendance numbers compared to the number of first time guests that week.

Who to measure

There are some different ways to measure it – as long as you are consistent.

  • You can measure just adults.  How many individual adult first time guests did we have compared to individual adults in services that week?
  • Or you could measure including kids.  How many individual first time guests (including kids) did you have to the total attendance that weekend (kids and adults)?
  • You measure the first time guests in individuals and not households just because you are measuring your overall attendance by individuals and not by households.

You are looking for at least 5% of overall attendance being there for the first time.

The importance of this measurement

The reason this measurement is so important is because it is an indication of the evangelistic temperature of the church and whether you are outward focused or are becoming inward focused.  We like keeping this measurement in addition to total first time guests, new believers and baptisms.  It’s also an initial indicator.  You see this number drop before baptisms and decisions and overall attendance.  So – it’s a good early warning system!

When you’re not hitting the 5% mark

One thing to note – it’s okay if you don’t hit 5% every single week.  Don’t beat yourself up over that. The key is over the course of a month are we over 5%?  Over the course of the quarter?  Over the course of the year?  Are we  trending upward over the past as well?

Next Steps

If you are at 5% it’s a sign you are outwardly focused – but for explosive growth you need more than that.  Below 5% you are in danger.

I hope this ratio has given you something to aim toward and refocus your efforts on.

Thank you for being Kingdom Focused!


unnamedP.S. – You can equip more people reach others by giving them the tools they need to invite others to church this Fall. Studies show that 96% of the unchurched in your community would consider coming back to church if only invited!

TODAY ONLY you can pick up my BACK TO CHURCH PACKAGE. Click here to get the Complete Package! Receive The Ignite Seminar ($99.95 value), The New Believers Seminar ($99.95 value) and Reaching Your Community through Servant Evangelism ($39.95 value) PLUS TWO FREE MONTHS of the Renegade Pastors Network for just $99.00!

Click here to get the complete Back to Church Package now! Hurry this opportunity ends TODAY!

Posted On: August 22, 2014
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5 Points of Encouragement for Evangelism

kc_imageThis week in gearing up for fall growth, we’ve been focusing on evangelism. Today we’ll take a look at this mission through the eyes of our people. This guest post from KC McCauley, contributor to The Christian Post, addresses the intimidation factor that our members may feel in sharing the Good News and provides 5 ways we can help them move from isolation to infiltration. He specifically addresses student ministry but these points have application for us all. 

Evangelism can be intimidating. You may feel that you’re all alone in the effort. Difficulty increases as feelings of intimidation and inadequacy come from people who are apparently uninterested. This often leads to isolation in evangelism.

Why is it like this? Pastor and evangelist, Greg Laurie, accurately describes this difficulty in evangelism: “There is one thing that both Christians and non-Christians have in common: they are both uptight about evangelism. Non-Christians are uptight about being evangelized, and Christians are uptight about evangelizing.” So, how can we go from isolation to infiltration? How can we move from feeling uptight to starting an uprising? One primary way is to realize that you’re not alone.

Here are five things to help you remember that you’re not alone in your evangelism:

#1. The Spirit Inside You

When we feel intimidated or inadequate in sharing our faith, we must remember that the very presence and power of God is within us—the Holy Spirit. It is his power that enables us to be witnesses for Jesus (cf. Acts 1:8). This understanding gave the apostle Paul the confidence to say, “My speech and my message were not in plausible words of wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power, so that your faith might not rest in the wisdom of men but in the power of God” (1 Corinthians 2:4-5). The power and presence of the Holy Spirit within you is greater than any of the evangelistic difficulties before you.

#2. The Church Behind You

As fishers of men (Mark 1:17), we sometimes sit alone on the dock with our line in the water or we’re working together in the deep blue sea for the big catch. Evangelism often has elements of both individual and team sports. But in both cases, evangelism was never intended to be strictly a solo effort. Sure, we have personal one-on-one conversations where we can’t have the assistance of a Pastor or spiritual leader. But such conversations are backed and supported by the church, knowing that there is help in answering difficult questions and encouragement in showing other people how to follow the Lord. Whether we go out by ourselves, two by two (Mark 6:17), or with a large group, we can have confidence knowing that the church is behind us and has our back.

#4 The Future Before You

This generation expects everything to come fast. We’re on the edge of a nervous breakdown if our barista takes longer than two minutes or if we have a weak Wi-Fi signal. And regarding evangelism, we can get discouraged if we don’t see quick conversions. But, don’t worry; it’s OK if they don’t pray with you upon your first conversation. As we see in Scripture, evangelism and conversion are a lot like farming, with a process of planting and watering that lead to the growth that comes from God (cf. 1 Corinthians 3:5-9; Mark 4:26-29). Since I’ve been out of high school, I have seen the fruit of several conversations and circumstances that I don’t even really remember. Whether at church or through social media, former classmates have shared that the one simple conversation during summer school really got them thinking, or that the time I prayed for a group of friends at a funeral really impacted them. The future is before us, and we can have confidence that God will use our evangelism, whether we are planting or watering the seed of the gospel.

To read this post in its entirety, click here.

Your partner in ministry,


back to churchP.S. I’d like to help you encourage your people by giving them the tools they need to invite others to church this Fall. Studies show that 96% of the unchurched in your community would consider coming back to church if only invited!

Today and tomorrow only you can pick up my BACK TO CHURCH PACKAGE. Click here to get the Complete Package! Receive The Ignite Seminar ($99.95 value), The New Believers Seminar ($99.95 value) and Reaching Your Community through Servant Evangelism ($39.95 value) PLUS TWO FREE MONTHS of the Renegade Pastors Network for just $99.00!

Click here to get the complete Back to Church Package now! Hurry this opportunity ends TOMORROW, Friday, August 22nd!

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Searching for a Web Guru – Know Anyone?

CLI new logo finalI thought I’d reach out to you today and see if you knew someone who might be interested in becoming our new “Web Guru” at Church Leader Insights.

God continues to expand our ministry and we’re looking for someone who is good with web and programming, loves God and loves helping pastors.

It’s a great opportunity for someone to make a big difference.  If you do, please share this blog post and this email below so they can apply.

ns1 at churchleaderinsights.com

Here is an overview of the position: 

Position requires ability to manage daily online projects in a fast-paced team environment. Interacts with sales, customer service and other creative staff. We are seeking tech savvy individuals with knowledge of website and HTML email creation.

Job requirements:
- 2+ years of experience in web and email development
- Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent required
- Willingness to learn and fully utilize InfusionSoft CRM software; Prior experience with InfusionSoft a plus
- Experience developing web applications
- Knowledge of Adobe graphic design software a plus (Photoshop, Illustrator)
- Self-reliant; able to work independently and accept responsibility for projects
- Good communications skills and interpersonal skills
- Strong problem solving skills
- All while serving God and His church

Casual dress, fun, fast growing work environment. Send resume, cover letter, portfolio links and information on your local church involvement (applications without all 4 will not be considered) in word or PDF format – please be as detailed as possible about your online experience and technical skills, experience in managing multiple projects and what sets you apart.

Here’s that email address again:

ns1 at churchleaderinsights.com

Thanks for your help!

Your partner in ministry,


P.S. I’d also appreciate your prayers for this new opportunity for our ministry. Thank you for your support and for being a part of the CLI family!

Posted On: August 20, 2014
Posted as: Misc

Back to School, Back to Church – How to Kick-Start Fall Growth

back to churchIf you invite them, they will come.

It’s true that most of the unchurched in your communities are just waiting for their invitation. A recent study showed that more than nine of out 10 of the unchurched said they would come to church if they were invited.

But the question is: How many of your members are inviting others to church? The answer is probably – not many. This same study showed that only 2 percent of church members have invited someone to church in the past year. Only 2 percent!

The reason your members aren’t inviting others is simple – most of them don’t feel equipped to give an invite. They don’t have the tools that will make it easy and comfortable to extend an invitation to their friends, AND be a part of a community outreach.

This fall is your best opportunity this year to mobilize your congregation to reach out to their family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and bring them through your doors to hear the Gospel and become new believers.

This is your chance to reach the 96% of unchurched in your community who would consider coming to your church if only invited.

And that’s why I’ve put together a special discounted package with the THREE resources you need to ramp up for maximum fall growth! It’s our new Back to Church package – your complete tool kit to equip your people to reach as many people as possible for Jesus. See below for more details or click here to learn more!

Soon you will start seeing the normal increase in fall attendance but imagine if each of these members invited 2 more people? This is the time to prepare for exponential growth!

I hope you will take this opportunity to mobilize your congregation and reach your community in a BIG way this fall.

Your partner in ministry,


P.S. I want to help you kick start fall growth and reach the 96% of unchurched in your community who would consider coming back to church if only invited.

THIS WEEK ONLY, you can save 88% on my BACK TO CHURCH PACKAGE. Click here to get the Complete Package! Receive The Ignite Seminar ($99.95 value), The New Believers Seminar ($99.95 value) and Reaching Your Community through Servant Evangelism ($39.95 value) PLUS TWO FREE MONTHS of the Renegade Pastors Network for just $99.00!

Click here to get the complete Back to Church Package now! Hurry this opportunity ends FRIDAY, August 22nd!

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Serving Someone Else – A Saturday Quote


“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.”
- John Bunyan, author of The Pilgrim’s Progress
Posted On: August 16, 2014
Posted as: Leadership

Mobilizing Your People for Ministry with “First-Serve” Opportunities

When it comes to recruiting volunteers, “need” is a nasty, four-letter word. When you tell your people that you need volunteers in a certain area, what they hear is that you haven’t done a thorough job of preparation and stewardship. It also conveys negativity — this must be an area no one wants to work in. Better to think this way: you never need a volunteer; instead, you have an opportunity for someone to serve.

One important way to mobilize people for ministry is to create first-serve opportunities within new ministry positions. The first step to doing this is to identify specific underserved needs in your church. Knowing you need to get more people involved in serving, both for their growth and for God’s glory, start thinking about where you would like new people to serve.

Where is there a need that’s not being met effectively? 

Where is there an opportunity to create something fresh and exciting? 

Examine these areas and weigh their potential as new ministry positions.

Note: clarity is key when it comes to mobilizing people for new opportunities. What exactly needs to be done? How many people do you need, and for how long? With that in mind, here are two things to do when mobilizing people for a need you’ve identified:

Create a one-time opportunity to meet that need. Your first step isn’t to create a whole new ministry; your first step is to create a one-time opportunity to meet the need.

Personally recruit people to serve. Your ability to personally recruit volunteers is one of the most underestimated tools in your arsenal.

unnamedOnce you have identified a need, created a one-time opportunity to meet that need, and personally recruited people to serve, your next step is to cast the vision for continuing the new ministry. I go into all those next steps in my book Connect: How to Double Your Number of Volunteers. And today I have a special opportunity for you – to get a FREE 15-Page Executive Summary of my book ($19.95 value)!

Click here to grab your FREE copy now! (Ends Friday, August 15th!) 

Your partner in ministry,


P.S. - In this FREE summary, you’ll receive an overview of the step-by-step system of how to create a culture that attracts, keeps and grows volunteers. You will receive practical insight and tools you need to effectively involve people in ministry.  And you’ll learn how to help people see the importance of serving and how to continually raise up new volunteers.

Click here to get your FREE Executive Book Summary of Connect right now (a $19.95 value)

Hurry – this giveaway ends Friday, August 15th!

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